We are selling some of our Original Keracolors Television collection as we haven't the time to fully restore these sets, these can be shipped anywhere in the world please email for shipping price, we also have some original & reproduction parts available, if you don't see the part you require please send us a message.   

1970 Original GRP Handmade Keracolor 25" Model, this is a 1 owner from new TV that is totally original that was originally purchased from Harrods in London, it was put in storage in 1985 and hasn't been used since, it still has it's original Decca chases & Mullard Tube, the TV is sold as none working & will been to be restored. ~~The TV is currently none works & is sold as seen without warranty.

1971 Original Keracolor, the TV hasn't been used for around 15 years & is missing it's original back, however we will include a replacement back made from the original moulds, The TV currently isn't working & is sold as seen with no warranty. 

1971 25"Original White Original Keracolor Television

1976 Wood Grain 26" Original Keracolor Television  

1970 25" White Original Keracolor Television

Very rare Original Wood Grain 1976 26" Plastic Keracolor Television,  The case is as new & undamaged, it's in unbelievable condition, this is a 1 owner TV that was purchased from Frank Burns in Warrington, it was used upto the early 80's when the tube went faulty, the tube was removed but never replaced, the rest of the TV was put in storage in the loft until 2014. We maybe able to supply a used Mullard Tube, if required. I have never seen a large Keracolor cases is as great condition as this one! The TV is currently none works & is sold as seen without warranty. 

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