The future

I would like to thank the original Designer Arthur Derick Bracegirdle for giving me the opportunity to the original moulds & tooling for one of greatest design icons of the 20 Century. I would also like to acknowledge the help I have received from the original Technical Director of Keracolor Mr Howard Taylor for his great insight into the history of the Keracolor television and allowing me to use some of his original photos and brochure pictures. I have been collecting Keracolor Televisions for over 20 years, in that time I have restored & modernised many Keracolor, and still own many original Keracolor’s that are still in use today. So when I was given the opportunity to purchase all the original mould and meet the original Designer, it was too good an opportunity to miss. I will never forget the first time a saw my first Keracolor television, I was walking to school early one morning, as I pasted the local Television dealer they had a 20” model on display in the front window, at that time I had never seen anything like it. I never imagined that nearly 30 years later I would be producing the same televisions.

The original moulds and tooling were store for sometime up stairs at the factory until it closed down, they were then stored under cover at the bottom of Arthur’s garden until recently, after 30 years of storage the Keracolor is back!!! There have been a number of sphere shape, Space Helmet and retro style Television produced since including the JVC Videosphere, Panasonic TR-005, Zarach ,Alphelion, Philips Discoverer, LG, JVC 3100D & the Orbit TV but none has come close to the simple classic timeless beauty of the 20th Century Icon which is the Keracolor Sphere Television.​


In 2006 Arthur Bracegirdle sold the original Keracolor moulds & tooling which had been sat unused for OVER 30 years to John Dunne, a small production run of Keracolor TV were produced using the moulds and using same techniques as 30 years previous, watch with space for the next exciting chapter in the history of Keracolor……………………………………………….